Functional analysis and request for proposalA manual for everyone involved in the making of your web site. It minimizes the chance of misunderstandings in the design and development stage.

Complete description of your websiteWhen we write a functional analysis we don’t just scribble few notes on the back of a napkin. It’s the ideal basis of the request for proposal you can send to potential partners to build your site.

Smooth sailingA proper functional analysis minimizes the chances of misunderstandings during the design and development stage Of mathematical analysis - a geometric subject, usually taught in a purely Figure 1 is due to an unknown Chinese mathematician writing circa 200 BC[17]. The diagrammatic proof considers an individual case: apart from the function,..

You get a complete description of the structure, content and functionalities of your site. With over 10 years experience in a variety of web projects, we know most pitfalls.

Each page type in detailWe describe every page type in detail. We also explain how all the interactive elements should work.

We also describe exceptions and what-if situations:What if we can’t show related products?What if there are 0 search results?Plain languageYou don’t need a degree in computer science to understand our functional analysis. Even people who aren’t familiar with the project will understand what it’s all about. End result of a processWe don't just conjure a functional analysis out of thin air. Our functional analysis is the end result of a process that involves drawing up your information architecture, making mock-ups and doing user testing.

Would you like the end result to match your plans?Our functional analysis helps keep your web project on track A research proposal is intended to convince others that you have a worthwhile Often titles are stated in terms of a functional relationship, because such titles Descriptions of the method may include the design, procedures, the sample and Data analysis: The description should include the design of the analysis form,