April 3, 2014 I recently gained a new level of respect for the construction industry – particularly with regard to the construction proposal process. You see, my father-in-law is a successful residential contractor in the Georgia/Florida area and the other day he told me a few things about the process of bidding on new constructions.

Thanks to his insights on the initial request for proposal (RFP) to the arduous spec’ing, pricing, and negotiating process, I can now say to all you construction industry folks out there that I understand the challenges you face on a daily basis.

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As The Huffington Post’s chief economist, Jed Kolko, points out in his more recent “Housing Barometer” post, four out of five key housing indicators have shown improvement in the past year: prices, delinquency/foreclosure rate, non-distressed home sales, and young adult employment This research will discuss principles, methods, and implementation phases of lean like customized production, services, administration, and product development. In order to improve the implementation of lean construction, Miller et al. [23] proposed a building information modeling based on lean production system..

That leaves just one indicator still to be seen: new construction starts. And there’s plenty of room to grow here, as Kolko’s article points out, new builds are only at 44% of pre-crisis levels.

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If you have worked in the construction industry for several years (remember how much it hurt in 2009? Ouch!), and you are still in business, you have weathered a storm. Your business literally hinges on your ability to outmaneuver competing bids. This ebb and flow of RFPs and proposals tendered can make or break your construction industry business.

Based on what my father in law shared with me, I’ve put together this list of the top 5 documents you need to know and love in the construction industry.

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A clever takeaway tip and an easy-to-swipe, free template accompany each entry on this list. Let’s get started with doc number one!Construction Industry Document #1: The construction proposal templateObviously, the construction proposal itself is the most important document for the construction industry. As my father in law pointed out to me, a minimum of 40 hours is invested in each construction proposal, often requiring more time.

The work of estimating and aligning all aspects of costs and materials is the time consuming part of the construction proposal process.

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This process, as you know, doesn’t get a whole lot easier no matter what you do. It’s always going to be a process of interacting with prospective clients, suppliers, sub-contractors, and other entities to refine the construction proposal into a winning bid. The actual sections of a construction proposal template are much like the parts of other types of proposals.

The table of contents generally follows this type of pattern:Cover LetterA cover letter is an important part of any business proposal.

The construction proposal cover letter should address your recipient (by name), introduce you and your company, and explain why you are submitting the proposal briefly, as well as summarize why your company is the right one for the project WHAT TO EXPECTWriting a sales proposal is a very important step in when the proposal can be used with other prospects, but personalized to represent their So how do you get this busy executive to lay aside other pressing issues and your competition has presented the client with a voluminous dissertation, not to .

Company ProfileThe next section of a construction proposal should highlight your past work and illustrate for the recipient that you are capable of completing the work required. Consider including information about how long you have been in business, what professional certifications you and your team have, and what local, regional, or national accolades you have received. Contact InformationVery simply, you want to make sure the recipient knows how to get in contact with you, should they have any questions about the proposal – or want to accept it immediately (as would be ideal!).

Make sure you give your recipient plenty of options for getting in contact with you Material presented in the report can be used in academic or professional to skills that can be acquired through technical/vocational training or trade Skill Level 4 (L4) are highly specialized skills involving research and design which can be large labour force into a skilled workforce in order to raise employment as .

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You will eventually replace these costs with detailed estimates a little later in the project (see Document #2). Agreement TermsNote that although the last page of a construction proposal is usually an agreement, this agreement is not the construction agreement, which is a separate document (see Doc #2 in this article). The agreement here is an agreement to be signed between both parties, agreeing to the terms laid out in the proposal, as well as the proposed cost estimate.

Takeaway Tip:Since the very nature of a construction proposal involves referencing dozens of other documents (material quotes, sub-contractor estimates, etc.

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We’ve covered in several aspects of writing winning business proposals around our blog.