NewsCall for Doctoral Candidate PapersThe Institute of East Asian Studies is accepting applications for participation in a week-long, intensive dissertation writing workshop for doctoral candidates in the Social Sciences and the Humanities, entitled “New Approaches and Perspectives in East Asian Studies. ” The purpose of the workshop is to advance dissertation drafts and allow participants to receive feedback from faculty and fellow students, laying the foundation for future collaborative exchanges between promising young scholars from Taiwan and the United States.

The workshop will provide opportunity for sharing and discussing experiences and strategies for paper writing and publication 14 Feb 2018 - Some useful resources for East Asian Studies are listed below. China Doctoral and Masters Dissertations Full-text Database We will continue to purchase more items on user recommendation. If you see anything .

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Workshop themes include, but are not limited to:Histories, Changes, ChallengesTechnology and MediaTopics can be addressed from any of a number of disciplinary perspectives, including, but not limited, to political science, history, economics, geography, sociology, anthropology, religion, architecture, literature, urban studies, or international relations. Ideally paper topics would provide clear focus while encouraging broad exchange.

Successful applicants will receive a $300 honorarium for their participation and attendance.

Attendance at meals and excursions (including an excursion day on January 23) is welcomed, but is optional Get a custom writing help asian studies thesis proposal plagiarism-free 1 hour Proofreading. Pay towards shakespeare studies thesisCheap conquer essay hack .

Framework:The workshop will take place at the Institute of East Asian Studies, 1995 University Avenue, Suite 510, Berkeley CA.

Students from the University of California, Berkeley, and doctoral students from 12 Taiwanese research universities will be invited to participate The M.A. degree requires 30 credits, which includes a thesis (12 credits). Six credits may be fulfilled by courses at the 300 or 400 level and should be selected in .

Professors from Taiwanese and American universities are invited.

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The main part will be presentations on working drafts of dissertations The dissertation marks the culmination of the PhD program. Handling of data and authorship will be discussed with the supervisor in accordance with UBC .

Participants will present a chapter of their dissertation to the entire group and they will discuss the theoretical and/or conceptual foundations of their work.

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The third part of the workshop involves group discussion on research methods, writing skills, and publication strategies. Participants will be organized into small groups, depending on the applicant pool, to intensively exchange ideas and experiences about writing and publication.

This aims to further academic professionalization for young scholars engaged in cross-cultural research and communication.

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Eligibility and Application Guidelines:Applicants must be doctoral candidates with at least one chapter of their dissertation completed and ready for credible presentation and constructive feedback. Required Application Materials:A cover sheet that includes the applicant's name, department, email address, phone number, dissertation title, and major professor;Curriculum Vitae;A one page proposal, single spaced, that clearly addresses the state of the dissertation;A letter of support from one's major professor is optional but will help in the event that there are more applicants than spaces in the workshop.

Procedures:Application materials are due via email to at the Institute of East Asian Studies, University of California, Berkeley, by 5 pm on October 5, 2015.

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Questions about the program may also be addressed to her by email or phone (510‑643‑6492). Applications should be submitted in a single PDF file in the order listed above.

Invited participants will be asked to submit papers and selected primary sources no later than December 1, 2015 6 May 2018 - The programme leading to the MSc (Asian Studies) degree comprises: Dissertation topics will be selected in consultation with RSIS Faculty..

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The Institute expects to nominate 10-12 Berkeley students in total.